Hotel: (03434) 2-12-75, (095) 301-50-40
Restaurant: (03434) 2-11-48, (050) 172-86-87
Hotel: (03434) 2-12-75, (095) 301-50-40
Restaurant: (03434) 2-11-48, (050) 172-86-87

Krasna Sadyba

Hotel in the heart of Yaremche

The restaurant

We suggest that you visit the restaurant-kolyba. The building features the style of a Gutsulian shepherd's hut. It is located in the courtyard next to the «Krasna sadyba» hotel. It has two halls, one of which features a grill. Note that the original design of the kolyba was so that a fire could burn inside without the chimney, and now it's used to put a grill there.

You can not only eat at the kolyba, but also listen to live performance of authentic folk musicians (if ordered in advance). The kolyba itself is quite large and is perfect for arranging banquets, corporate feasts and family celebrations.

Of course, there is a bar with a wide variety of elite alcohol drinks.

Working hours: 11 am – midnight

Другий зал ресторану-колиби



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